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koosje de pooter

Koosje’s love for the camera developed early on in her life when she started to collect and photograph with analog photo cameras. During her BA in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam she discovered that her passion for the visual world could be combined with her passion for people and their stories in Visual Anthropology. She developed her interests and professional skills during her MA in Visual Anthropology at Leiden University, where she made her first ethnographic film Positioning Roma (2017). In this film, she researches how three different institutes negotiate the position of the Roma community in Ghent, Belgium. Her feminist background as an MA Gender Studies student at Utrecht University influences her work. Koosje believes in doing research with and for the people and she strongly believes that film is an excellent way to unravel power relations and inequalities in every social arena, and it has the ability to challenge and connect people in many ways. She is currently working as an executive producer for Tangerine Tree, a Rotterdam based documentary production company. Power relations, social inequality, Eastern-Europe, Roma, gender, sexuality, (eco)feminism, Hinduism, power and violence, inequality in food(production) and sports are Koosje’s main interests and specialties. She is fluent in Dutch, English, Flemish, and has basic communication skills in French.

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The World of Warhammer [2015] – Koosje de Pooter and Evite Ancarola


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